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Tisha B’Av Easy Fast eCards From Say It With eCards

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Today, Monday August 4, 2008 is Tisha B’Av.  Tisha B’Av is a Fast Day in the Jewish Faith.

Click the link below to view and send your Tisha B’Av eCards offering “Wishes for an Easy Fast!”

NOTE:  When quickly viewing the eCards thumbnails, some of the eCards look the same, but the message is different on each.  Please click the eCard thumbnail to see the true image and phrasing. 

Wishing You & Yours an Easy Fast.

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Judaic Friendship Day eCards From Say It With eCards

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Subhead:  Sunday, August 3, 2008 is National Friendship Day.

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings aka Say It With eCards is offering a variety of Judaic Friendship Day eCards in honor and celebration of National Friendship Day.  Check them out by clicking the links below:

Judaic National Friendship Day eCards – See All (Traditional & Patriotic)

General Judaic Friendship Day eCards

Patriotic Judaic Friendship Day eCards

Life is so short!  Everyone is struggling these days – whether with money problems, worries about the war, worries about friends and family, whatever.  We are ALL affected!

I beg you… PLEASE, whatever you do… DO NOT let this day go by without letting those you care about know how much they mean to you.  Relatives are friends too!

Happy Friendship Day.

Posted With Warm Regards,

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