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Judaic Grandparents Day eCards From Say It With eCards

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September 7, 2008 is Grandparents Day. 

I never really knew my grandparents — two had passed on before I was born.  I had a grandfather on my mother’s side who I vaguely remember and a grandmother on my father’s side.  What I remember most about my father’s mother is that we had to sneak to Brooklyn to see her as my mother did not like her!  How sad…  to deprive a grandchild of those very special memories only grandparents can provide!  I hope to change this for you and your family:

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings is offering an elegant and tasteful selection of Grandparents Day eCards.  The collection includes:

As you may have noticed, I designed for both Grandparents and “single” Grandparents.  As sad and unfortunate as this is, both Grandparents may not be with us, so I designed with that in mind.

PERSONAL NOTE:  Life is so short as we learn daily… Being remembered is so important to ALL of us.  Please take a moment to send Grandparents Day eCards to your Grandparents.  You can send one to both and then to each alone. How fun is that!

Warm Regards to You and Yours,

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