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Sweetest Day – The Mystery of It All!

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Today, October 18, 2008 is “Sweetest Day!”

Since I deal in feelings and design eCards, it disturbs me that hardly anyone knows about Sweetest Day!

Maybe it should appear on our calendars.  Hmm… Who does one call to get a holiday added to our calendars?  Anyone?

It just seems to me…  with all the doom, gloom, genuine fear, fear tactics, etc. flying around these days… it would be nice to have something cheerful and pleasant to celebrate! 

While we should do this everyday…

What better day than “Sweetest Day” to tell those who have been “sweet” to us how much we appreciate them.  Now, there are many versions of sweet – kind, patient, helpful, thoughtful, caring, you can add your own to the list.  In fact, comment here and share them with all of us.

“I, Roz…  appreciate YOU!!!  YOU are sweet!”

Got a moment, please visit:
Say It With eCards / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com

Warm regards,

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Sweetest Day eCards… IF You Do Not Have The Words, Let Say It With eCards Greetings Say It For You!

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Today, Saturday October 18, 2008 is Sweetest Day…

Coming from a family who rarely offered a kind word, any encouragement or emotional support or stability… Sweetest Day and its meaning is NOT lost on me!  What about you?

Sweetest Day is one of the official times to say how much you care. IF you do not have the words, “your Say It With eCards Greeting will say it for you!”

Sweetest Day is even more important in the uncertain times we are presently experiencing.

Consider this… “Your Sweetest Day eCard could be the light at the end of an otherwise dreary day!” While this might sound silly, there IS a lot of loneliness going on right about now as people are trying to figure out what to do!

Say It With eCards not only offers eCards for traditional Jewish holidays, events and occasions, but also focuses on those universal / national holidays and days of acknowledgement that most celebrate.  Thus, Say It With eCards offers Judaic Themed Sweetest Day eCards.

As a bonus…  Those Non-Jewish holidays I can tastefully design for are usually designed in both Judaic and Generic /  NON-Judaic Themes.  I do this so members are not inconvenienced when they have a Non-Jewish recipient.

CLICK for Sweetest Day eCards – Judaic and Non-Judaic eCard Designs


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National Mammography Day eCards – Reminders to Schedule Mammography

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Today, Friday October 17, 2008 is National Mammography Day

Breast Cancer IS an “equal opportunity disease.”  Both women and men are susceptible to Breast Cancer.

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings — aka Say It With eCards – is offering FREE National Mammography Day eCards.  The eCards are designed in BOTH Judaic and Non-Judaic Themes, therefore, they can be sent to everyone.

Visit Say It With eCards to send your FREE Mammography Reminder eCards
http://www.SayItWithEcards.com — right now they are on the front page

Here is the link to the entire National Mammography Day eCards collection

I know we are all busy, but…   PLEASE remember to take care of yourself.

Send a FREE Mammography Day Reminder eCard to all those you love and care about.  The card you send “may just SAVE A LIFE!”  One never knows!

Happy Friday. 

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Breast Cancer Awareness eCards – FREE In The Moment Reminders

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Subtitle:  FREE Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness eCards Reminders – Can Save a Life!

I can’t write enough about this as it is so very important to each and every one of us, not only for ourselves, but for everyone we know.

One of the “great things about eCards” is they are “great in-the-moment” reminders.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  With all the ruckus about the stock market crashing, upcoming presidential elections, dirty presidential campaigns, etc., etc. we just get caught up in it all and forget about our health.

As my way to give back and help in the prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer in Women and Men… Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings if offering a FREE collection of Breast Cancer Awareness eCards to be sent from the web site.  Send as many or as few as you want.

The site offers Judaic Themed Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon eCards as well as General / Non-Judaic Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness eCards.  The FREE eCards come in both flavors.

Here is the direct link.  Once you get there, just scroll… The FREE eCards are easy to recognize with the little RED Label to the LEFT of each thumbnail.  Just click on the image and customize. 


What are you waiting for…  GO … SEND … OUT … Breast Cancer Awareness Reminder eCards… NOW!!!

With warm regards and wishes for a happy, prosperous and safe future,

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Stock Market Crash of 2008 Eliminates Breast Cancer

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If you are reading this I peaked your curiosity…  GOOD, that was my intention…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast Cancer is a killer of both women and men.

Breast Cancer is not prejudice whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, etc.

Breast Cancer is not prejudice if you are Jewish, Christian, Protestant, etc.

Breast Cancer is an “equal opportunity killer!”

I run a Judaic eCards website.  I have been tracking…  Since October 1st my site has been accessed “two times” for Breast Cancer Awareness / Pink Ribbon eCards.

It’s NOT about the cards or how many were sent from my site this year.  It’s about the fact that people are so involved in what is going on in the stock market — and rightly so — that they are NEGLECTING their health and the health of loved ones, friends, family and business associates.

You may ask… “How do I know this, am I clairvoyant, a mind reader!” NO… my site is ranked high in the engines for all keywords related to Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Now that the Jewish High Holidays are over, I have been taking a closer look at my tracker results.  So I am sure of what I am saying…

I am NOT saying that people do not care. What I am saying is that people are distracted by the economy and the upcoming election – as I said… these are important issues and life changing issues.  However…

NOTHING is more important than one’s health!  Money comes and goes.  Money can be made.  HEALTH… cannot always recover and/or be restored!

Well… you might think… “What can I do about other’s health?”  That’s easy…  SEND a reminder eCard.  As silly as this may seem… YOUR eCard Reminder COULD “save a life!”  It could jerk someone into action to schedule an appointment for an annual checkup, a mammography, etc.  Early detection CAN and WILL save lives!

Say It With eCards is offering FREE Judaic / Non-Judaic Breast Cancer Awareness eCards.

For your FREE Breast Cancer Awareness eCards (Judaic / Non-Judaic) please visit:

Scroll Down… the FREE Pink Ribbon eCards are clearly labeled by a small RED label to the LEFT of the thumbnail image.  CLICK the image, customize the card and send it to all those you know and care for!  It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy the rest of you day and your life.

Warm regards for a happy, healthy and prosperous future,

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