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FREE Holiday eCards Offer for Jewish Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

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From now until December 31, 2007, the first 100 Jewish soldiers stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan who reply can receive a free eCard membership to Roz Fruchtman’s “Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club.” Contact Roz today to reserve your own free membership.

NOTE… Please send your preferred: Username & Password

Say It With eCards is an Online Judaic eCard Club offering more than 3,600 Judaic-Themed eCards. The site not only focuses on the traditional Jewish Holidays, events and occasions, but also provides Judaic-Themed eCards for those universal and national holidays and occasions most celebrate and/or acknowledge. For example: Judaic eCards for Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Birth and Marriage Announcements, etc..

An eCard membership brings you and your families closer, and let’s you send your love in minutes. As a plus, you can use your very own digital images and voice files to make your holiday eCards even more personal. Since these free memberships are limited to the first 100 respondents, as long as you can show a military email address, you can easily qualify for this offer.

Say It With eCards offers the largest and most diverse selection of Online Judaic eCards on the Internet. If you can show a military email address and want to apply for one of the 100 Gift Memberships, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately at: Troops7500@SayItWithEcards.com

NOTE… Please send your preferred: Username & Password

To quote Roz, “The Internet is a wonderful tool, and there is nothing more rewarding to me than to help reconnect those away at war with family at home. My heart goes out to those troops and families separated by war, which can be even harder during the holidays. In the spirit of the season, this year I CAN make a difference through my Online Judaic eCard Service – Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings – www.SayItWithEcards.com.”

CLICK this link to check out the Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings member features/benefits.

My best to you all during the upcoming holiday season!

More questions … Contact Roz

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Judaic Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards – ETA Immediate

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Sunday, October 28, 2007 is Mother-in-Law’s Day. IF you have a Mother-in-Law you definitely want to read this! If you have a Jewish Mother-in-Law you not only want to read this, but… MUST read this!

Once again eCards come to the rescue. No one knows if you found about the holiday a week ago or two seconds before the clock turns to 12 midnight on the day after. Once you send your eCard you are in the clear. Try this with a paper card! The post mark will always get you in the end.

Say It With eCards / http://www.SayItWithEcards.com is offering approximately three-dozen original Judaic themed eCards for that special Yiddishe Mother-in-Law in your life.

As is the Say It With eCards policy for national and universal holidays and occasions, the eCards are designed in a variety of flavors, including Judaic Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards as well as NON-Judaic Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards. This is done for the convenience of the Say It With eCards member’s convenience.

Unfortunately everyone does not have a warm and fuzzy feeling when they think of their Mother-in-Law. With this in mind I designed the cards in two themes – warm & fuzzy and conservative.

REMEMBER… It is the thought that counts.
IT IS ALWAYS… All about the feelings! Especially when it is unexpected! It is not easy to be angry with someone who does nice things for you!

Check out the links below to the Say It With eCard’s Mother-in-Law’s Day selections:

Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards – General (NON-Judaic)


Holidays – Traditional / Mother-in-Law’s Day / General

Judaic Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards – Judaic


Holidays – Traditional / Mother-in-Law’s Day / Judaic

Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards – For Friends – General (NON-Judaic)


Holidays – Traditional / Mother-in-Law’s Day / For Friends / General

Judaic Mother-in-Law’s Day eCards – For Friends – Judaic


Holidays – Traditional / Mother-in-Law’s Day / For Friends / Judaic


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Free Mammography Reminders – Across The World And Back

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National Mammography Day is this Friday, October 19, 2007. Like most we get busy and forget to do those things that could be a matter of life or death if neglected! And YES… I have a mammography scheduled in about 10 days from now. And NO… I do not enjoy it. It is not the mammography itself that disturbs me, but the waiting for the results.

With Friday being National Mammography Day, Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings Club is doing its part in offering Free Mammography Reminder eCards – both Judaic and NON-Judaic Mammography Reminder eCards are available.

Another example of how eCards are more resilient and effective than paper cards. The fact that one can send a mammography reminder eCard to literally thousands or millions of recipients electronically. Try doing that with a paper card. Besides not knowing the physical addresses of the recipients, it would take one to the poor house to do it!

Help spread the word! Help save the life of women (and men) the world over. YES… Men get breast cancer too. That is the problem, most think it is a women’s disease, but men get it too!

Send a FREE Say It With eCards Mammography Reminder eCard NOW!

FREE National Mammography Day Reminder eCards

Warm regards,

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