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Saturday, December 8, 2012 (Hanukkah)

Dear Say It With eCards Club Members:

I have to say, I hate when holidays fall on or at the end of Shabbos. Things always get mixed up and I never know when to send my newsletters so that they don’t get lost in the weekend’s mail!  Nice thing about Hanukkah is that it lasts for 8 days! 😉  That said…  I’m truly amazed tonight is the first night of Hanukkah!

DID YOU KNOW… there are less than 25 days left to 2012. That excites me. I’m so looking forward to 2013 as a year of new beginnings.  How about you?

As always, I hope you and yours are doing well!!!  Most are busy with the year end hustle and bustle, getting ready for the holiday season.  I miss Manhattan at this time of year with its beautiful lights, holiday music and people scurrying around, running from store to store seeking their next bargain. It feels like another lifetime.


FOR ME… The BEST Part of Hanukkah

Besides the joy and festivities of Hanukkah, the thing I like best is that it lasts for 8 days.  Thus, offering 8 opportunities to connect!

Below are the links to the Say It With eCards Hanukkah eCards.  There is a vast collection of over 200 Hanukkah eCards in a variety of 11 Categories.

Quite simply Hanukkah will always be double edged *for me* as it carries the memories of my friend’s son’s sudden passing a few years ago. Like everything else, diversity is an excellent teacher.  During that time of tragedy I learned a great deal about myself…

Because of this “sudden” horrific event (he died from a fall in the bathroom)… my Say It With eCards membership benefited via the creation of many more Hanukkah eCards designs and selections than were ever planned for.  Let me explain…

I was so traumatized and in shock that my sleeping patterns were off the charts for about two weeks.  Those that know me, know my sleeping patterns are NOT great in normal times! 😉

During that time I could be found at the computer designing. It was the only thing that gave me some peace as I was able to lose myself in my designs. I look at that period as a time of  “painful production!”  For me… Creativity is like a salve at stressful times!

What does this mean to you?
* YOU have OVER 200 Hanukkah eCards in 10-11 categories to choose from.

However, there is a HUGE lesson in this.  I NEVER consider myself to be unique in my feelings.  One never knows what is “really” going on in another’s life or home as not everything is shared.  Holidays are often times of stress and loneliness for many.  This is why it is so VERY IMPORTANT to keep in touch with those we care about and even just acquaintances.

You JUST NEVER know, IF YOUR eCard is the ONLY holiday communication they will receive, thus lighting up their day BECAUSE YOU remembered them! WE ALL KNOW… A kind word goes a long way!  Holiday time is a time to Say Thank You, I Care About You! Just Wanted to Say Hello, etc.


Below are the “Direct Links” to the Say It With eCards 5773 Hanukkah eCards.

ALL Hanukkah eCard Categories can be found here:

Hanukkah Gratitude and Appreciation eCards…
A Way to Say Thank You at Holiday Time!

Eight Days of Hanukkah (An eCard for Every Day!)

General Hanukkah eCards

Hebrew Hanukkah eCards

Hanukkah for Husbands

Hanukkah Love eCards

Patriotic Hanukkah eCards

Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness) Hanukkah eCards

Hanukkah for Wives


Through the years I have been asked to design for those of blended families – celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas.  I struggled with this ONLY because I did not want to offend.  I did not come from a religious family, so it was not a stretch for me personally.

A few years ago I designed what I hope is an artsy, tasteful and fun collection. No matter what… there is something for everyone at Say It With eCards. These have been graciously accepted and many of them sent through the years.

ALL Season’s Greetings / Interfaith eCards can be seen here:

Black & White Collection (designs in black and white)

General / Traditional (designed in seasonal red and green)

Patriotic / In Support of the Troops (red, white & blue)


Please let your friends, relatives, loved ones, business associates, etc. know about Say It With eCards.  I thank you in advance for your efforts.  I am so thrilled to be able to serve you.

As you can see the categories are never ending. My motto… IF I can think it, I can design it! IF YOU can think it, I WILL design it – when possible!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions…  send email to:

Please put SIWE_ at the front of the subject title

EXAMPLE:   SIWE_subject goes here

I hope your holidays are filled with abundant safety, love and peace, AND… whatever you wish for yourself and those you care for. Whether you are with family, friends or alone… I have learned… gratitude for those things I have is often a great companion!

On A Personal Note (My Gratitude Journal)

I’m been keeping a Success Journal for 1 1/2 years.  However…

I’ve wanted to add a dedicated (separate) Gratitude Journal for awhile now. I kept saying I’ll start it at a specific time.  The problem, the year was quickly passing as the days were marching on whether I was or not, So…  I FINALLY STARTED when there were 75 Days left UNTIL 2013.

My Journal is called: “75 Days of Gratitude Until 2013.”  Quite original, yes? 😉 I’ve written in it religiously each night before bedtime ~EVEN on those days that were not so gratifying or filled with challenges.

THE LESSON HERE… THERE IS ALWAYS something to be grateful for!  #1 is always similar.  I AM grateful to be alive to enjoy life’s opportunities as well as it’s challenges, because challenges contain lessons and aha moments.  We learn a great deal from life’s challenges.

On closing… I would like to wish You and Yours a Happy Hanukkah and an early Season’s Greetings.

Lots of Love & Gratitude to YOU… “my extended family!”

Depending on when you read this… Shabbat Shalom, Shavua Tov and/or Happy Hanukkah!

P.S. With the holidays upon us, I WILL be in touch MORE often!

Luv & Hugs,

Roz (718) 671-1891 / mailto:Roz@SayItWithEcards.com
Roz Fruchtman Founder/Designer
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