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Judaic Thanksgiving eCards and Holiday Wishes – Say It With eCards Newsletter

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WIN/WIN — You are encouraged to share this newsletter in its entirety with all those you feel might have an interest.  You can also post it on your website or blog, if you have one and want to share.  Thank You.  Roz

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 (Erev Thanksgiving)

Dear Say It With eCards Club Members:


First, I want to tell you how special you are to me.  To me, all my Say It With eCard Club Members are MY extended family! I want to thank you for honoring me with your support and patronage.  I am proud and honored to serve you and yours!

My intention was to send my Thanksgiving Greetings and Messages early, however, my computer did not cooperate and my browser was out of business for almost two days.  All’s well that ends well.  It was the crotchety eBay Toolbar that was the culprit!


This year is a year of getting down to basics and one of the true staples is “being grateful” for our blessings and most of all for those that mean the most to us — our friends, relatives, loved ones, business associates and even those we just met or
have not met yet! 


I believe everyone of us needs a little tender loving care this holiday season.  Being kind to each other and sending eCards of caring goes far in an exercise of lifting people’s spirits.

At less than 6 cents per day, 1/7 the cost of ONE “First Class Postal Stamp” Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings, offers the ability to communicate with all your recipients and not break the bank!

Even if I did not design eCards, I would love them. I love the spontaneity of them, the “in-the-moment” gratification of knowing I can touch another’s life on whim – in a matter of minutes.  eCards ARE special and unique and something paper greeting cards can NEVER compete with.

So… before I get carried away, here is the listing of the Say It With eCards Thanksgiving Day eCards Collection.


Reminder… for NON-Jewish holidays I design in both Judaic and NON-Judaic Themes… always keeping you and your NON-Jewish recipients in mind.


Thanksgiving / General


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / General

Thanksgiving / Patriotic


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Patriotic

Thanksgiving / Co-Worker


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Co-Worker

Thanksgiving / Friendship


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Friendship

Thanksgiving / Love


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Love

Thanksgiving / Mother-in-Law


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Mother-in-Law

Thanksgiving / Father-in-Law


Holidays – Traditional / Thanksgiving / Father-in-Law


Of course there are the traditional Thank You Notes and Todah Rabah eCards.



Hanukkah & Seasons Greetings

There is a tremendous selection of Hanukkah eCards.  Last year right before Hanukkah my good friend’s son passed away quite suddenly.  I was in total shock.  When I get like that I design.

So there are 10 or 11 Hanukkah Categories. 

Let me know if I left anything out.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions…  send email to:

Please put SIWE_ at the front of the subject title

EXAMPLE:   SIWE_subject goes here

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Whether you are with family, friends or alone…  I have learned to be grateful I am alive, relatively healthy, have a roof over my head, have food on my table, and lastly have enough to pay my bills.  With that taken
care of I am free to focus on going after my dreams, which include making Say It With eCards the best it can be FOR YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for your patronage.

Lots of Love & Gratitude to “my extended family!”


Roz Fruchtman – Owner/Designer
Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings
Mailto: Roz@SayItWithEcards.com
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P.S.  PLEASE DO… Share this newsletter with those you feel
would be interested!


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Shabbat Shalom – Shabbos eCards Help Create and Cement Relationships on a Weekly Basis

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Subhead: Free Shabbat Shalom / Gut Shabbos eCards

I can’t believe it is Shabbos again!  Where is the time going?  Someone told me…  In 40 days it will be 2009.

In any case…  I believe… It is more important than ever to keep in touch with those we care about, whether loved ones, family members, friends, acquaintances, vendors, clients or business associates.  Many are going through trying times.  They may not talk about it, they may pretend everything is ok.  But, everyone is touched in one way or another with the tough economic times we are living through.  This is something like none of us have ever seen.

My point… Keep in touch, just be there.  Sometimes just knowing someone cares and took time out of their busy day to remember us means more than we can ever say.  It is the priceless gift we can all give!

Consider it like checking in…  Shabbos arrives each Friday at sundown – you do not even have to make up an excuse.

To make it easier…  Click on the links below and send FREE Shabbat Shalom or Gut Shabbos eCards. 

FREE Shabbat Shalom eCards

FREE Gut Shabbos eCards

Brought to you by Roz Fruchtman and Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings.

Gut Shabbos, Shalom & Enjoy!

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Jewish Thanksgiving – eCards Provide a Quick, Affordable and Elegant Way To Share Thanksgiving Day Blessings

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Subhead: Judaic Thanksgiving eCards

In the electronic times we live in… One of life’s blessings are eCards.  Another of life’s blessings are Judaic eCards — After all, Jewish people are grateful too!

Think about it…  20 years ago we had only one way to communicate — besides phone.  It was called US Mail.  We now lovingly call it “Snail Mail!” (Ok, Ok… we also had telegrams!  But… we are talking mail here!)

What used to take days, sometimes weeks now takes seconds or minutes to reach someone as near as the next room to as far as the other side of the world.  The best part is it costs pennies a day — less than 6 cents to be exact — no matter how many eCards you send.  Consider this… You can send eCards to 100 people for the same 6 cents per day — 1/7th the cost of “ONE” US Postal Stamp.

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings offers a good-size collection of Judaic Themed Thanksgiving eCards or Jewish Thanksgiving eCards.  They come in a variety of categories in order to make them even more personal.

Check them out here:

Judaic Thanksgiving eCards (See all here)

PLEASE Comment Below… I Truly Want to Hear From You

What do you thing of Judaic Thanksgiving eCards?  Does it offend you because Thanksgiving is not really a Jewish Holiday?  What you think IS important to me.  I really mean that.  I would like to know!

Wishing You and Yours…
a Happy Thanksgiving With Many Blessings, Today and Everyday!

Shalom & Warm Regards,

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FREE World Kindness Day eCards – Pass It On…

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Subhead:  World Kindness Day – Today and Everyday!  I DARE YOU to… Pass It On!

Today is “World Kindness Day!”  If we ever needed a time to be “kind to each other” it is NOW!

I whipped up a collections of “World Kindness Day eCards” in BOTH Judaic and NON-Judaic themes. 

The World Kindness Day eCards may be sent FREELY from the Say It With eCards website.

CLICK the link below, to view the Kindness eCards:

The FREE versions of the “World Kindness Day eCards are clearly labeled with “Little RED labels to the LEFT of their thumbnails.”   They are created in a variety of colors, therefore, appropriate for everyone.

BTW, this ENTIRE WEEK is “World Kindness Week!”


What do you think of this thing called “World Kindness Day?”

In my opinion, “Everyday” should be “World Kindness Day!”  Perhaps we would not have all the trouble we have now in the world! 

Wishing you and yours much kindness and love,

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Free Judaic Veterans Day eCards – The In-The-Moment Way to Say Thank You!

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Subhead:  What better way to Thank Our Jewish War Veterans and Troops than with specially designed Judaic Veterans Day eCards. 

Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings, aka Say It With eCards is offering a collection of FREE Judaic Veterans Day eCards.

Check them out at the links below:

Judaic Veterans Day eCards – See All

Judaic Veterans Day eCards / Eagle Collection

Judaic Veterans Day eCards / General

Judaic Veterans Day eCards / Vietnam

It is my privilege and honor as a Jewish American Digital Artist to make these specially designed Judaic Themed Veterans Day eCards available to you.


Please let me know what you think of the cards.  Do you have any suggestions, comments, corrective criticisms?  I would be delighted to hear from you.  I can’t fix what I am not aware of!

With Warm Regards,

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